I understand why we protect the wildflowers

(I understand why we protect the wildflowers now.
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
Wildflowers are protected in Michigan. Took me years to understand why.)


I understand why we protect the wildflowers now.


I sat on the hill in the midst of a wildflower field,
the small colorful flowers moving in the gentle breeze.


I sat at bay from a good friend grave.
I came to tell him that, I was alright.


His death broke me down,
I left the service in 2000 and he went to war alone.


We were comrades in many battles for 12 years,
raised our children together.
He joined the National Guard and I was tire of war.


The howling storm of war, took my friend on three tours in Iraq.
A roll-over accident in Iraq took a father of two beautiful girls,
to his final journey.


I hear the leader’s telling me,
God is on our side,
this war is worth the blood of our men and woman.


I lay with the wildflowers,
allowing them to take me to a better place.
I see my friend face, I remember his smile and can hear his laughter
when I close my eyes.


I know what he would tell me.
“What done is done. Take care of my babies and don’t cry for me.
I died for love, freedom and the untried. War is hell, don’t let my
children forget how much I loved them.”


My friend loved the country.
He lived in a small town who cried a thousand tears for him at his funeral,
now his grave is decorated with a bronze star and fresh flowers from one of his daughters.


I planted wildflowers seeds around his grave,
drank two miller’s beer and left four for him.
I whispered to the wind. “Please take care of a good Soldier and friend.”


The wildflowers are dancing in the breeze.
I looked at the wildflowers, free and uncontrolled. I think it is good to be like a wildflower.
Never be locked in or forgotten.
I understand now why we protect the wildflowers.


I salute my friend’s grave.
Do a silence prayer and whisper to the rising sun.
“I will ensure you will not be forgotten.”


John Castellenas