War or no war?

War or no war?

“Men are savages, cannot see the cost of war. Dead cities, dead women and children. How many must die before we learn. A eye for a eye world, no-one shall win. When men are gone, the wars shall be over”

“People, who beg for war. Can’t they see? War is sickness, war is hell and the children pay for men anger, men hate and men greed. I would tell the warmongers. Your sickness, one day, will find your doorstep.”


“My grandchild asked me. Why do we fight in wars? I looked at his eyes of wonder and I told him. I wish I knew why men kill without thoughts, dropped bombs in cities filled with old people, women and children. I don’t know why we kill people in the way of war. I kissed his forehead and I told him. All we can do is pray for the poor people and be kind to each other. Men are foolish. Love war over peace, killing over life. You and I, my grandson. Must lead with kindness, concern and love.”


“Trickery of our leaders, promise peace with a 1.2 trillion war budget. The leaders in Washington, multi-millionaires with no concern for the poor. World being led to the slaughter by the few. Maybe all races, all people and all religion can stand as one. Is one child life lost, worth the greed and the hate of a few? The common people must learn. The rich men who control their world. No concern for them.”


Dancing Coyote