“Damn those eyes”

Damn those eyes


You make me so crazy my dear Paloma.

Damn those eyes, damn those green eyes that steal my thoughts and my dreams.

You and I. Kindred spirit seeking proper peace and calm in the center of the hurricane.


Your beautiful face, a poet’s dream and painter’s wish. I painted a million words describing skin of silk and a smile of gold.


We have known chaos and we have known the tenderness of love.


You taught me dear Paloma. The body will heal, the mind shall find peace and better to fight for something than die for nothing.


You and I. We spend sacred time together.


We have lived in a world of confusion and we have burn sage for the sick and the forgotten people.


My dear Paloma, I would serenade you with song and words till you loved me no-more.Damn those eyes, damn the softness of skin and how your hands can steal away my pain away.


I was condemned to love you and when you are near. I know I’m safe.

Sometimes we shall love forever and my dear Paloma.

Everything was you and you were my everything.


John Castellenas/Coyote