Dear Cheryl

Dear Cheryl


Where are you my sweet lady blue? You were so damn pretty and you begged for my attention. You were muse and siren. Your kiss deadly and so damn sweet.
You wanted me and I needed you.


You show me true face and real need and
I fell into the chaos of your pretty eyes and tender kiss,
I told you, beautiful Cheryl. If we start a fire, we cannot put out.
We are going to find hell before heaven,
we will learn the purgatory of the great sin.


Pretty Cheryl smiled and she whispered. “Johnnie, no angels in the tavern. You are the last person that looked at me with love, you are the last person who want to hear my voice. If this is sin. Please Johnnie, let’s fall deeply into the places where heaven and hell dances as one. I need lover’s embrace and tender words or
I shall die.”


We danced in the corner of the dark tavern and I whispered. Damn if we do, damn if we don’t. My Cheryl, you make me want to be wild and foolish. You make me want sweet wine kisses and dangerous wishes. You and I are showing real hearts. We are not the lucky one’s, wrong time and wrong place have we gathered. I will follow you into hell tonight my love.


We found a cheap motel. The lights were low and you disrobed slowly staring into my wanting eyes. You stand before me bare and so beautiful. I move my thankful hands over perfect womanly curves and I whispered.


Dear Cheryl. When skin and skin become one, the body won’t forget. When lovers fall into perfect place and allow the fragrance of love to steal their thoughts and hearts. We can’t go back to who we were.


She brought me into a deep embrace. Holding my face deeply into her warm breasts and she whispered. If love is wrong, we must be wrong Johnnie. You are my last chance and I need someone to love me. I need someone to dream of me. Please stay the night with me and in the morning. Decide stay or run?


Where are you sweet Cheryl? I hope you are in a better place. Love turned to blackness for you and I couldn’t save you. I couldn’t save myself. I remember you and I pray. You are dancing , laughing and with people who loved you like I did.


John Castellenas/Coyote