Jeanne d’Arc – I was born for this

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Suzy Kopliku

jeanne d'Arc

“ I am not afraid. I was born to do this” – Jeanne d’Arc

My heart is built of ramparts;

my vision, an arrow piercing the air,

my bones, a scaffold for the city of me,

a city surrounded

by enemies.

Barely woman, broken soldier,

Warm hearth, divine spark.

An exile crossing a bridge between realms.

No place to lay my head.

Under the apple trees in my father’s garden

I found the truest I, the root

reflected in arch-angelic eyes.

The spire of Domrémy blessed

by light, illumined.

My mother held me before I left for Orléans.

In fields of wheat that swelled like tides

I waded into an ocean

far beyond the front lines.

Far beyond the gaze of her eyes.

I followed the white stag of the forest.

My standard raised to the wind like a sail.

The voice of my kin, became the rustling wind.

Leaves pooled…

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