Two sides of Nature through poetry

Please read these amazing poems.

Suzy Kopliku

child on swing

“I have no philosophy, I have senses.” – Fernando Pessoa.
With the ever increasing moral relativism of modern life the quote above seems to embody a way of being that is refreshingly unaffected, simple and honest. There is a natural inclination to identify with our more basic instincts when confronted with overwhelming complexity. Although this inclination doesn’t always make for the best results, it is never a good idea to completely forget our wildness.

Civility, allows us to function peaceably within society and is therefore essential to maintain it, even at the cost of some conditioning, but all systems must also make some concessions for the wild element of human nature. If they don’t incongruence will arise within individuals between an expected “ideal” and their ability to realistically live up to it. Idealism seeks to ennoble but so often undermines. Sometimes it is easier to idealise something that transcends our…

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