“Nothing left to lose”

Nothing left to lose



I lay in the silence of the deadening silence. All my dreams dead and buried when you left me alone. You were my savior and my killer. I remember the first kisses, drinking and smoking cigars. We laughed at life and tomorrow was just another day to be lived.
I remember you stripped down to bare skin and you danced upon the October Pacific sea shore. I knew the Gods of the sea and I was blessed to watch you dance.



I knew you were the November breeze. Just touched my skin and you disappeared to unknown places, leaving a old man with wishes and songs to be sang of a beautiful lady by the sea.



I sit alone on the Seaside beach, I write words and sing lonely song. Me and the sea cried and wished to see your beautiful face and your perfect nude body dancing for us. Life had took it toll. Old men wish and young men try.



I told the young Poet. I have nothing left to lose. Love is the best sensation, leaving the essence of things we cannot hold again. Sometime accepted limbo is safe and sound.



I told the moon and the sea. I loved her, I did


Dancing Coyote