Some Coyote’s quotes

Some quotes, some are my quotes and some are my mentors.

“The worst days, the most terrible days made me know and understand. Enjoy the good days, make them last forever. Forget the bad days and remember the wonderful days of our life.


“Dear Grandfather told me often. If nothing good to say. Say nothing. Better to hold silence, listen and never leave with anger as the last emotion felt. We never know when the last words will be spoken, between two people.”

“Dear Grandfather told me often, leave you hate and fighting outside the door of his home. This house is for love and a safe place for anyone. We fix problems in my home, not create more.”

“Last words, first words. Words, hold great power. When we speak negative and cold words. Can create permanent separation. Better to be a listener, a kind smile and a place to rest for the weary. The world is hard enough on the people we love and we care for.”



“Dear Grandmother told me, Johnnie, don’t be a hero. We lost too many to the old wars. Better to be a chicken than to come home wrapped in an American flag.”


We will want death, we will want life. We will love many and we will be many people in a long life. We will know disappointment and we will know great happiness. A good life is a lot of laughter, time to travel and insure you do, one thing you enjoy daily. Life goes by, very quickly. Make the good days last, dance with the sea and wander the forest. Teach the children. Love is life, life is love. Be kind to each other, be kind to nature.”



“Great wealth is a large flower garden. A wealthy person had children at his feet, laughter always near and they had known love. A flower garden filled with happy memories and good days. Grow and expand to show the world. Love grow in their garden of flowers.”





Dancing Coyote