You take my breathe away

You take my breathe away


You undressed with the lights on.
I watched you slowly take away layers of clothing,
I can feel your smiling face and you know you have taken my breath away
with your beauty and your kindness.

You stand still and you are faced the mirror.
Standing nude erasing the make-up from your face and you asked me.
Am I still beautiful? Do I make your sedated life become alive in the night?
I went to you and I embrace you tightly and I whispered.


You are my everything, my first thought in the morning and last thought in the night. You know I want to caress your sun-kissed skin and perfect body now.
I will wait, I know when you are fasting in the want and need. The need expands.
She turned and her eyes filled with wisps and notions.
She asked me, am I a wicked woman? I want us to be wild
and free like children. I want you and I  yearn for the long nights and my tender embrace. Do I want too much?


I told her the gods are kind to me. They allowed you to come into my life.
You give me hope and reasons to be alive.
She came to me, fell to her knees and embraced my waist.
She looked up at me.



I told her. You take my breathe away and you are so beautiful.
Coyote/John Castellenas