Sweet Words

Amazing poetry by a talented writer.

Christie Ceballos

Your sweet words that flow from your tongue and into my soul,

Sends chills down my spin

And trigger my desires.

But only if they were true.

The temptation is powerful,

And no doubt do I want you.

My body wants to lay with you,

But my heart protects my soul

From the deceit of your words.

Your eyes speak another language.

I can tell when I look within them.

Your sweet words from your lips

Attempt to distract me from your real intentions.

Maybe, if I give in,

I will find pleasure from temporary satisfaction,

But I will be left feeling empty

When you dissapear on me,

With unanswered questions.

This is what I imagine

As you hug me tightly with your muscular arms,

Making me feel like you’ll protect me from harm.


I want to believe this could be something more,

But your sweet words are empty…

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