A love story

We didn’t know, love was like a fleeing butterfly.
We tried to hold the wind, we tried to stop time,
we held our kisses long and sweet.
We didn’t know.
Love words, love dances, just magic and wisp for the dreamers.
We didn’t know, love comes when she wants and you cannot stop time.
Locked doors must be opened and you cannot catch the wind.
I love your memory and I need to hear your voice, dear beloved.

A love story



I remember us, I remember you.
you were my Spring time love,
my wildflower dream that came true.
You taught me to dance with the free-flowers and
to sing to the sun and the moon.


We found the ancient castles of Germany and
I loved watching your face,
your eyes, filled with joy discovering new places and new wonders.


We found love,
holding hands, sharing warm kisses,
allowed love to grow to place where lovers find peace.


I remembered we teased love,
I told you often,
Let’s make the days longer and let’s fall into love again and again,
allow love to grow to a miracle and make the days of love, forever.


Now old poet,
he wrote,
a love story,
so sweet, so wonderful.
His greatest wealth held.


Dancing Coyote