“A Lake St. Clair prayer”

A Lake St. Clair prayer


I’m far from my first love. The Pacific ocean.
The Pacific ocean stole my heart years ago and
she made me yearn to be near her, to wish to dance again with the free and wild waves.


Today I live in Michigan. The great lakes are near me and are very beautiful. Today I sit by Lake St. Clair. My eyes and mind bathing in the beauty of her vastness and movement. I watched the boats go by to the open lake. The people are content with the warm day and quiet lake.


I taught my grandchildren to love the water. I love to watch them dance and swim with the gentle waves. Today I’m alone, I wanted to ponder life and create a prayer. For Orlando, Paris, Brussels and so many places needing healing. Many people want revenge. Who do you kill? What revenge is enough? Maybe we need to pay attention to the people near us. I whispered a quiet prayer.


Thank you spirit of life and death for the new day,
thank you for the fresh air and the bright sun upon my face,
thank you for the sea, the lakes and the flowing river.
Please spirit of life and death.
We need the energy of hope and peace.
My world wants blood. Blood demands payment till no-one is left.
Please teach my world,
every life had value.
This is one earth and we are one people. We must get along for the sake of the children.
Today so much sadness and confusion.
Please make the hateful souls learn humanity and forgiveness.
Teach them to find places where hate and rage can be healed without murder.
Please help the people swimming in sadness.
No-one understand the useless killings.
Please spirit of life and death.
Old world is falling apart,
we need to find the path to concern, kindness and love.

Lake St. Clair is beautiful. I sat and ponder many things. I wonder what kind of world did I leave for my children and my grandchildren?


“An eye for a eyes world will leave everyone dead” (Old quote from somewhere)


The Native Americans believe. “When the bear and wolf is gone. Man will follow.”


We must stop the hurricane of hate and insanity. For the sake of all children in our world. Every child lost to war and hate. Was a light of life. This light could have saved us all.


John Castellenas/Coyote