The Little Black Dress (with audio)

Tempting words by a talented writer.


DISCLAIMER: This is a sensual poem and contains the word nipples. 

Fantasy Friday Poem #6.

The Little Black Dress

Freshly soaked

and cloaked in the soft,



of a bubble bath,

she cools her steamy skin

by staying naked,

as she gently begins

massaging in ancient oils,


a dewy sheen

to her already

incandescent being.

She’s immaculate tonight.

Each tip of her

tenderly touched by her

effervescence of lust.

She slips inside

her little black dress:

the one with the slit

up the side

and hardly

a back side.

It clings to her nipples

<just so>

that when they’re hardened,

you’ll instantly know.

She wears her dress

with nothing less

than the purity of her smile.

She’s heavenly tonight.

When the ritual begins,

she twirls and spins in her dress.

She anoints her confidence

by dancing at the altar of your


Each spin lifts her skirt


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