The parting glass


The parting glass

I once stood with 15,000 soldiers on the Iraq border,
just men with the common goal,
fighting for freedom.
We were just men and women,
who loved, who drank and who danced fearless upon the soil of freedom.


I drink a beer alone on Veteran’s day,
I order two beers and two shots of whiskey.
I raise my glass of whiskey to the sky and I talk to friends,
who came home, wrapped in the USA flag.
I speak to a lonely seat,
thank you my best friends,
we were young once and now I sit alone.
I drink to you my friends and please keep a seat empty, for a friend.
I will join you soon.


I know my dear friends would tell me,
we fought, we lived and we celebrated life together.
Soldiers pray, deeds done in war.
Did some good for our world.


I am thankful I was a soldier,
I spend time in the company of good men and women.
Here is my parting glass words shared with men,
who left me too soon.


To you, to us, to the days of youth.
I pray my good friends,
a place in heaven for the soldier who left too soon.
Tell my old dad,
an old soldier will be with him.


I raised the glass of beer and I whispered.
I will see you soon. My war is almost over.


Dancing Coyote