Grief is a Thief (with audio)

Please listen and read the words of a talented writer.


When Grief comes looking for you,

it doesn’t just quietly knock at your back door or gently call out your name.

Grief is a thief

-that comes in the middle of everything-


taking up space in your home in a room you didn’t know you had.

It is the shadow of sorrows that lingers on your white walls

even when the sun has long since tucked itself in for the night.

It is the rusty barge that charges through your living room

and your dining room

and takes up residence in every crevice of your house.

It is the uninvited guest

that sits at every table,

lives in every home,

and is in every place I’ve ever known.

Grief is a thief.

It will steal seconds from your precious existence

by making you believe

it is the only entity worth entertaining.

Grief is the massive weight of carrying something…

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