2500 miles

2500 miles
I sat alone by the Big Sur Pacific. It is 1992 and I have found my sanity again. The writers and poets of Monterey befriended me. They call me the dark poet. I have become a writing maniac. I write by the sea, so many words for my Michigan gal. So far away.




” 2500 miles

Pretty Julie, my wild and tender flower.
My beautiful girl who danced for me in the months of Winter,
sang words of love to me in the early Spring.
I remember you.
Once we weaved a lullaby of love,
a fairy tale wish,
we could not fulfill.
I am 2500 mile away from Michigan and you.

The Summer in Monterey,
the sea and Big Sur made my madness leave my heart and my mind.
You saw my anger and you forgave me.
I knew dear Julie,
you were my blessing,
my sweet dream,
too sweet for a man drowning in regret and great sadness.
Your love did break my heart,
love for two dead brothers buried my soul.

I called you from kind California and I told you.
2500 mile is so far my love,
I miss you and I am sorry for being so damn angry.
Now you are my poetry,
my distance muse and I will always love you.

You whispered into your phone.
Johnnie, Johnnie.
Please come home to me,
love is waiting for the Michigan man.
California had enough writers and poets.
A lady is waiting for her poet.

We said our goodbyes and I went to the Monterey bay.
I told the sea, the moon and the stars.
Please take care of dear Julie.
Johnnie is running in circles and he doesn’t want to be found.
2500 miles, keeping me safe and so far away.”

I drank my tequila and tasted the salt and the lime, watched the Big Sur sea, dance for me. I told the Pacific, thank you for the sea song, showing me the free people and how to laugh again. I gathered my suicide board and I befriended the dancing waves.




Dancing Coyote