The song of May

The song of May


I am taking the train to Basel. Dear Alexandra is waiting in the city of wonder for me. She found me on the poetry site and she told me. Johnnie, I am so damn lonely. Do you have time for a broken lady?


I told her, dear Alexandra, I always have time for you. I am in Honduras, writing my final book and her face would be a blessing for my eyes to see. Where do we meet? She told me. I want the place where you and I, we danced by the river and drank the ambrosia wine. Can we revive the nights when you were truly alive? I told her, the first day of May, I will be waiting for you in Basel by our bridge. I can’t promise a miracle but dear Alexandra. I will give you everything I have left.


The train ride seem to last forever and I remembered when me and Alexandra were 19 years old, brave and wild in heart. We believed we could save our world. We traveled to Paris in early Spring, drank gallons of wine, danced nude by the open window, made love by the river Seine and we never left the hotel room except for food and the nightly wandering. She was the most beautiful woman, I ever seen. We made promises, we could not keep. She had college and I had my wars.


We loved Basel, the Swiss mountain and the beautiful city bewitched us. Every May for three years, we would spend a week in the city of beauty. The old city, we roamed, sought out the best wines in huge wine stores. We befriended many and we made plans. One day. Alexandra and me, would stop running and find a small apartment in the city, drink wine, write story and take grand field trips to Florence. I wrote some poetry for her in a almost filled journal.




My goddess, my muse, my lover, my killer.
I loved you more than the moon, the stars and the sea.
You taught me love was sweet,
you taught me love was lonely.
You made me feel invincible and you made me cry.
We had too many goodbyes and not enough hello.
One I believe love was life, life was love.
Today I know,
love, just myth and tale.
Dear Alexandra,
I made a thousand deadly wishes to see your face.
In a hour,
two lions will face each other and they will learn.
Is love forever and kind?”
“The song of May
The sweetest month,
the days of May,
the kiss of the Spring days make sleeping nature come alive,
the flowers are blooming and the trees are dancing in the gentle wind.
Kind May,
was Alexandra days of joy.
She would take off her shoes, run barefoot in the valley of the flowers.
wear her Spring dresses of cotton and
we would dance for the warm sun.
My song of May,
just wishes to know the sweetest kisses,
to relearn,
some sweet dreams,
can come true.”


I left the train and I roamed to the bridge. The kids were enjoying the days of Spring. Flying large kites making the sky look magical and beautiful. A gentle touch awoke me and dear Alexandra faced me. Her eyes, golden brown and she was more beautiful than I remembered. She whispered. You are older and you became the poet of my dreams. I am here Johnnie. What do we do now? I brought her near and I told her. I won’t release you dear Alexandra. I learn many things, more bad than good. I know, you were my blessing and only kindness I knew. Please stay, let’s find a small apartment in Basel. We can drink coffee, write story and read books till noon. Find the best cafes drink ambrosia wine and I will never release you hand. She smiled, kissed me and she whispered. Dear poet, your will, is my only wish.


Dancing Coyote