“Our world”

(Our world
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
Just words)

Our world



Grandchild play with other children at the beach.
He does not see the color of the other children skin and
he doesn’t question the children race or religion.
They built a great dam and a small city of sand.
Would be nice if us grown-ups could learn from them.
Life is simple.
Work together and lead with concern, kindness and friendship.
Rate someone by their deeds and learn.
Many with the same goals,
can create a proper dam and city.


My grandchild told me. We learn to take cover in school today.
Grandpa, I heard the teachers talking. The principle will carry a gun.
Grandpa, I’m afraid to go to school.
He brought his grandchild near and he told him,
can’t allow fear to overtake us and you must be brave.
Your generation must fix this world.
You must go to school, learn about this world and not allow fear to slow you down.
Fear is the true weakness.
Bad people want us to know fear and mistrust.
We must lead with concern, kindness and love.
The boy smiled and he hugged his Grandfather.
He told him.
Okay grandpa, I will be like you.
You like everyone and I will be brave.


John castellenas/Coyote