Beautiful For you

Amazing poetry by a talented writer.

Silently Smouldering Words

I write with beauty, love and truth

My heart,

I write for you

I write with metaphors of youth

And lips unkissed but true.

I write to you of love so deep

An ocean fills my heart

I pen for you the beauty of the pain

That we’re apart.

I trace a finger ‘cross my cheek,

My mirror watches me

My face speaks beauty born of love

I wish your eyes could see

I pen these verses, cry these lines

In stars I scribe your name

I ask my words to rest within your heart

From whence they came

And though I sit in painful love

Relentlessly I write

A glimpse of Us within a realm

Of endless love drenched night

And cause you pain, I never shall

My promises I keep

Upon your skin I’ll kiss my poetry

While soft you sleep.  

I write with beauty, love and truth

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