“As pretty as a perfect painting”

As pretty as a perfect painting

She told me. You make me feel beautiful and wanted and I told her. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, he, who can see laughing beautiful eyes, joyful eyes, kind and gentle eyes that make the world more beautiful and sweeter. He is blessed.


She laughed at his words and she asked. Sometime beauty can be trickery and be pretending to be kind heart and warm soul? Few show real face, speak real words. Just actors in the game in the twisted game of living.


I told her. Your eyes cannot lie. I see wildness, I see fields of wild flowers and I see untamed Pacific ocean in your eyes. You are a brewing storm, waiting to show force and great energy. You are a perfect painting, for the lucky to observe.

I know, somethings and some people. Are surfing life fearlessly and hard. Us, who are lucky, can glance into eyes of the storm and be blessed.