A safe place, a kind face

A safe place, a kind face

Someone told the loneliest lady in the bar. Johnnie wanted to die alone, with Jack Daniel and Jim Beam as his only friends. She stood behind him, low-cut dress and a dangerous smile. She leaned hard into him, pressing her breasts tightly against him and she whispered into his ear.

No-one shall die tonight. Drink or gun? fast or quick? Here at the Stray Cat lounge, misery loved company. You don’t decide if death is near. Sweetheart, baby, darling and my honey. Just call my name, loud or a whisper, I will come to you. When the night is cold and lonely, I can be your sweet dream or your dirty secret. She kissed his neck and he turned and he looked at her. He brought her closer and he held her tightly. He whispered to her wanting ear.

Please Lana, don’t make promises we cannot keep. I would make deadly wishes, for you and I, to fall into bed of silk sheets and to pretend love is alive. I would want you to call my name sweetly, over and over again. I would beg for the sweet words, please say my name my lover, my muse and final wish.

Lana kissed his face many times and she told him. We are whiskey kisses and leftover people. We decided our journey and the final ending. Sweetheart, baby and my honey. We are born into sin, gin and we followed our fathers and mothers into accepting and wanting little. Today we will dance to the Jazz and when the night is done. Maybe we can fall into a safe place, maybe know a kind face. It is alright my darling, my sugar. I will save you and maybe you can save me?

Johnnie kissed her lips and he whispered. My muse, we are dancing on the ashes of burning coal and when the morning arrived. Will we be saints or martyr? She laughed at his words and she whispered.
Johnnie, we made a bloody mess of love and tonight. Loneliest woman in the lounge and the most foolish man in the Stray Cat lounge, found equal ground. Just accepting enough, may be okay?