You are my masterpiece’

You are my masterpiece


I saw you drinking and dancing alone. You were still as beautiful as in the Spring of 1978 when our eyes met for the first time. I remember you came to me and you told me. Famous American, I finally caught your attention. I told you, this beautiful May day became a masterpiece when you came near the lake. You took my hand and held tightly for one year. We learn the sweetness of the kiss and the pain of the goodbye.


Now I sit alone and you are dancing alone. Once people who celebrated love, had accepted loneliness. I went to you at the dark corner of the tavern and I whispered. Hello my beautiful Daniela.


I remember your eyes seem to shine and you whispered. Dance with me johnnie, please make me feel good one more time. I know I was your damnation and you fell into the booze and sadness. Pretty face don’t mean kind hearts. I stood-up and I danced with you, I whispered into your wanting ear.


I met you when youth was my advantage. Tonight dear lover, we meet at a dead-end. I remember you, you were my wildflower dream, my holy mountains and my wild river. I weaved you into a wish and a tale. Once we painted nights with emotions of the utopia of being young. We will kindred spirits for a time, ready to find kiss and touch till we could love no-more. Misfortune and the seasons of life overtook our willingness to love. We had our kind Spring, sweet Summer and perfect Autumn. Maybe we held on too tightly in the months of Winter?


I wished nightly to smell the fragrance of your skin, hold your hand, drink morning coffee together with you. I dreamed I heard your love words in the darkness of deadly dreams.


I believe we reap what we sole. I have danced with pretty ladies, I have challenged the sea and I have free-climbed every mountain near. I drank till I couldn’t drink no-more and my dead-end, always end-up with the memory of your beautiful face.


I remembered she touched my lips with her tender fingers and she whispered. You were kind and I wanted everything. We get what we deserved. Please Johnnie, dance with me. All we have left is silence and if we are lucky. Create a final painting of us. Holding and loving each other.