“The sinner’s prayer”

The sinner’s prayer


I knew every tavern on Highway 35 in Texas. I drank a beer and some whiskey in almost every one. Those Texas girls loved me. I could two-step and waltz,  I could sing every Hank Williams songs from front to back.


I was Family tradition bred. Daddy loved the women, the drink and the long highway. I planted his tattoo on my arm and I followed his path to war, women and the whiskey. Daddy prefer the rum.


I loved Austin, Texas the best. Las Vegas ain’t sin city. Visit Austin, Texas on a hot night in the Spring or Summer. Muses, sirens, angels and devils are roaming 5th street. 40 plus bars and dance halls. Beautiful Texas girls roaming, willing to steal and break your heart. They may hold you tightly, kiss you harder and make you want more. Texas women are the best. They tell you straight, if you are going to lucky or not.


I get to Austin early for the two dollar Long Island ice teas special till 9 pm and I do the sinner’s prayer.
“Old Johnnie is wishing and wanting.
A long leg Texas red hair girl who can dance, talk a-lot and can drink the strong whiskey.
Ain’t looking for heaven. I’m looking for girl who can talk Texas, who can dance till dawn. A girl who can laugh and who isn’t afraid of the Austin nights. I’m here and waiting.”


All of a sudden, dear Joy is sitting with me. A auburn hair Texas beauty who stole my heart many times. She asked, are you waiting for me or waiting for no-one? I give her my biggest Michigan smile and I told her. I did my sinner’s prayer and you came. You are my wish, my beautiful Texas wildflower. She smiled and she asked. You ain’t too tire to dance, old Army didn’t wear you out. I need a man who can Texas two-step till dawn. I want a man who will sing me a song of praise at 8 am and he will  want some more in the afternoon delight. Can you handle the job, hard and cold soldier?

I smiled and I kissed her. I told her, I’m your man dear Joy. Do what you please and take what you need. I have no place to be or go.

John Castellenas/Coyote