“I remember you, I remember us”

I remember you, I remember us


Once we were young and free. You were my California dream and I was your Hemingway. We roamed highway one for one year and we sang, drank and ate life  like a starving child.


You were my fearless angel and you wanted the Winter storms and suicide boarding. You wanted to free-climb every free-standing mountain near. We had no debts and the old dodge truck. She was willing to take us anywhere.


I remember us in San Francisco. Dancing in the streets and laughing at life. We were fearless, bold and uncaged. You were my perfect beauty and we forsaken home and steady place. We believed living and dying was the open road and new place.


You and I had. Good drink, sweet wine and the sea. 365 days and nights we slept by the sea in our sleeping bag and we allowed the sea to sing to us. The song of freedom.


Today I looked in the mirror and I see fragrant of who I was. Once I vowed to never allow the walls of life to send me to the silence grave. I would not forsake the amorous need of love and kiss. I promised myself in 1996. Never to leave the sea and never to leave us.


Today an old man and his silent pen. He remembered the days of being reckless and his mistress the Pacific ocean. He remember her summer dresses of his love and tracing tender skin by the sea of his lover with no place to go.


I remember you, I remember us. Where are you sweet and kind lover? I pray you are dancing by sea, singing song to the sleeping gods of the sea and still know a glimpse of freedom and the open road.


I wrote down my final wish. When my body is tire and done. Give me a Native American burial and please empty my ashes into the Pacific ocean. Maybe one day, you and I will find same place once again.


We will never leave the sea and learn the laughter of wild children who loved the sea, loved to dance and drink. Never gave into a demanding world that leave us empty and alone.


John Castellenas/Coyote