The lulls of your lullaby

The lulls of your lullaby

I thirst for darkness, not light.
I seek wild dances, not the shade of real love that will fade,
I want the divine kiss and the long midnight.


I whispered to you. Drink of me and I shall drink of you.
I want the taste of salty kiss from your skin upon my lips,
I want us to whisper true lullaby,
where lovers don’t weep and pray for love missed.


I want our story to be of the eclipse of sun and moon,
finding perfect form and place.


You told me once.
“The sweet long kiss are strong like ancient wines,
need to be sips and cherish.
Love should not burn the heart,
should make the heart dance and dream.
Love captures and in prison, is not love.
Love should be given without regret and with
the willingness to allow lovers to find unbounded places
where kiss and touch lead to explosion of the body and the mind.”


I kissed my dark princess and I told her,
yearning eyes and tempting kiss are you.
I love the darkness in your eyes and the long nights with you,
I love when I trace your skin and make your body arise to want
and need. You are my perfect place dear Lover.
John Castellenas/Coyote