Tale Weaver – #225 – Reflection – May 30th — Journey into the Mirror

Amazing poetry by a talented writer.

Tao Talk


woman looking into mirror

“Woman Looking into Mirror” by Elizavella Designs

I chose to write a poem in the triquatrain form, which was created by Robert L. Huntsman.

Journey into the Mirror

Walking through a mirror’s door, vortex of what’s come before
Swirling twixt the times, the places, and the seasons
Depending on who you think you be, determines what you’ll sightsee
Drawn to the lights and darks of your life’s emotional beacons

Over a glass of pink chablis, you must agree to fearless inventory,
To see previews and plots, classics playing back so many reasons,
Highlights, romance, light and weighty, crappy and smutty debris
Heroines, dupes, buddies in roles you’ve played; betrayals, treasons

Images flash, each pregnant frame, so many births where you’re to blame —
And yet, amongst each rubbled screenplay, there shine bright and scattered pieces
Warm summer Sunday ecstasy, swirled across the marquee
Waiting there, kernels of grace from…

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