Nothing really matters

Nothing really matters
She asked him,
with tears falling down her pretty face.
What do you want from me?
You borrow and steal,
leave me feeling empty.
You walk away from me and I chase you.
Do you need me? Am I, your morning sun, the stars, you want to see in the night?


The man with the dead eyes,
his spirit defeated, whispered.
I am the sleeping man,
the angry man,
dead in soul, lost in spirit.
Please stay with me my kind lady,
you awaken my desire not be alone,
you are my softness, my gentle voice in the madness of my mind.
I would tell you, nothing really matters, it is the poet’s lie.
If you dance with the Devil,
the Devil shall lead and he will steal everything you have.


She brought his face to her breasts and she sang to him.
“Lovers love, Lover stay.
The Gypsy heart can stray,
the Gypsy heart love the elixir of kiss,
the strong drink,
they love the smell of the sea,
the long highway.
We are tangle webs,
echoes of words,
we need to believe.”


She whispered.
We shall die in pieces a thousand times,
love so few,
be intoxicated by the Devil dance.
Please stay with me,
in the morning.
Dead man may learn,
love is life, life is love.
No-one can walk alone.


Dancing Coyote