“A woman palms”

A woman palms
(A Poem by Coyote Poetry
The hands of a woman. Teaches love and kindness. He who treat the woman with kindness. Can stand at God feet and know he had done well.)

A woman palms


A million angels wander a woman’s palms” Tadeusz Rozewicz

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I want you


I want you to make me forget yesterday regret,
I want us to find new places where we can flee to new heights in love,
I want us to fall into a whirlwind of a deep love where we cannot re-surface in the same place.
Laying bare, the secrets


We are bathing in the quiet of the midnight hour and
you are whispering sweet words of love.
Eloquence and sweet words appeasing my senses making me tell you.
Love me little, love me longer my dear muse, my kind lady. You have became my only sweet dream, my dear lover.
Dear Katie
Midnight wishes were you.
You were my sun and my will for a second.
Old Poet had died and lived in love.
He knew, dear Katie was a muse to tempt his aging heart.