Lazy Sundays

Lazy Sundays


Old poet told the young writer,
we need more lazy Sundays,
less busy Mondays.


We need to find the sea,
need to find the great lakes,
we need to free-climb the powerful mountains,
dance with the wild flowers in the deep valleys.


Life isn’t work and no play.
Men and women who work and work,
work till they cannot no-more.
is wealth worth the payment,
of missing your children grow-up,
destroying body and mind for the profit of another?


The saddest life is looking behind,
learning the things we didn’t do,
finding out,
time is our most valuable thing we control.


Children are children, just for a minute.
The sea and the mountain wait for no-one,
we must dance with the sea and watched the stars from virgin valleys.


We need more lazy Sundays, less busy Mondays my friend.


Dancing Coyote