Over and over again— Some words for love

Over and over again—-


I drink to you, I drink to us.
My rosy cheek honey,
let’s in the shadows of love.


O so sweet,
O so tender,
You bewitched my heart,
my dreams.


You are my dancing beauty,
my Gypsy love.


I thought my love was spend,
and you enraged my heart to need you,
to see you bare and free,
to see you careless and wild,
to behold you at 6 am,
us, drinking coffee, holding hands,
sharing small talk.


I want us to celebrate the closing of the day,
for us to welcome the night where we can watch the sun fall
and the moon, light the sky.


Over and over again,
I whispered to you, my love.
Thank you for the dance.

With great gladness,
I share my love with you.
You are my sweetest day, my dearest muse.


My greatest blessing.


Dancing Coyote