The ambrosia

(The ambrosia of the kiss and the touch
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
Just words.)


The ambrosia of the kiss and the touch


We had pretty places, ancient city and the Swiss wines for us to drink. The Kind city of Basel, Switzerland took us in and allowed us to slow down and enjoy the days and the nights.


I told her. You are the prettiest thing I have ever saw. I love your face, I love your laughter and I love how you dance in the Spring rain.


She smiled and you told me. I have watched you since you came to my city. You have given in without a fight. Surrendered your dreams and hope, made friends with the enemy. We are in Basel, nuestro ground for us. No army, no rush to be anywhere and only us, to reveal true heart, real words and shed the skin of fear.


I told her.


“You are as beautiful as the morning sun, arising.
You are more wonderful than watching the rising moon and the stars steal the day and become the night.
I love your pale skin, your kind and gentle voice of a angel and how you hold me so tightly, in the coldness of the night.
You make love. Holy and sweet.
Your kiss is my ambrosia and your hands are my salvation.
You and I.
Falling stars seeking proper place for the hopeful in heart, can know peace.”


She smiled and she whispered into my willing ear.


” Love was luck and folly.
The irony of love is we fall into her and forget to be kind to her.
Few learn when young.
Love kiss, love embrace and love near.
A rare place for the few.
We must make these days and nights last forever dear Johnnie.
Forever is a terrible words. Can mean second or a thousand years.”

I brought her close and I did a silence prayer.

“Thank you for the city of Basel,

Thank you for the tasty and wonderful wines of Switzerland and thank you for her.

A blessing in a life with so few places to rest and know laughter.