“Velvet and silk dreams”


Velvet and silk dreams

Those eyes


A sweet girl told me once,
I love you Johnnie, I do.
I looked into her brown eyes and I told her.
We are babies and I love you so.
I love your hands in my hands,
I adore your brown eyes girl and we must allow life to show us,
if we are real and true.


Soldiers love, sometime pretend, sometime just fragment of love caress.
We become leftover wine when we get lost,
in distance war.


Broken man return home,
damn war taught boy,
men shall kill and love is so rare.


Boys become men,
girls become women.
Soldier return home and kind woman,
held him like a baby.
She sang to him.


“Johnnie, Johnnie.
I wrote you weekly and I waited for you.
I love you Johnnie, I do.
Please come back to me,
I need the laughing boy to be with me.”


Soldier had velvet and silk dreams,
kept him sane in the mist of chaos.
His wish was near and he told her.


You are sweeter than the Michigan August apples,
softer than the Summer breeze and
a blessing to my eyes and heart.


Hold me tightly and I will hold you my kind love.
This time I will run to you and I won’t release you.


Dancing Coyote