An Echo in Time

Amazing words shared by a talented writer.

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An echo in time, that is all she was…
… but one day so much more happened
that she knew that echo ripples through all time…
… and so does everyones;
Winter still clung to the edges of Spring
early mornings infused with threads of chill mist
nights cold enough still to warrant cuddles by the fire
– ahhh… but she lived alone, so a fluffy blanket it was;

That mist drenched morn in early spring she woke before the birds
even earlier then is her norm… the sky seemed torn and tattered
with iridescent silver clouds that streaked across the dark grey sky
an eeriness saturated the hour, as if an unknown energy percolated
in the heavens…

Shifting shapes moved unseen within cloudscapes… she strained her eyes
but could not make out what was stirring
she stood at the threshold of dawn wondering
if this was some…

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