I am going to take care of you’

I am going to take care of you


I was trying to drink myself to death, I had the Iron Mountain blues and the whiskey nights made the night roll easy. Maybe was a woman, maybe it was just the sin and the gin catching-up with me?


Jazz band played soft music and Johnnie danced alone. Pretty Kathy, Iron Mountain beauty with the river blue eyes came to me. She wrapped her arms around me, kissed my face and she whispered. “Damn karma kicking your ass, Johnnie thought he was a lover, he thought he was a tamer. He learn, woman are the teachers. They allow you in and they allow you to escape. Once, you wanted me and I knew. You were just wishing for the taste of my tender kiss and you wanted to do the midnight dance. Now dear Johnnie, I like you sad, I like you swimming in shit. Your eyes, dark, cold and lonely. You had learn. Love demand payment.”


Dear Kathy brought me closer, kissed me softly, kissed me hard and she whispered. “I have been sad, I have been abuse and I like you Johnnie. You were always been kind to me. You treated me like a princess when other people called me dirt and waste. I loved when you looked at me. Like I was pretty and sweet.”


I told her. Beautiful Kathy, you are wonderful. Always a blessing to my heart, my eyes. You are so damn pretty and so sweet my love. My last friend I have. I would never break your heart.


She smiled and she whispered. “Don’t be sad no-more Johnnie, Let’s buy and let’s drink some sweet wine, find the places where we can watch the Wisconsin river run and listen to some song. I am going to take care of you. Maybe forever, maybe just for a little while. You and I. Two people on the same path, maybe playing truth or dare? If you are willing. Maybe we can find places of laughter and true love?”


I brought her closer and I kissed her softly, I kissed her long. I whispered. Thank you my sweet girl, my Iron Mountain blessing.


Dancing Coyote
© 2019 Coyote Poetry