Tell me, how you lived?

Tell me, how you lived?

Old poet told the people at the poetry reading. Dead men, do not rise. He read some quotes.

“For each man kills the things he loves, Yet each man does not die” Oscar Wilds


“Who knocks? I, who was beautiful, beyond all dreams to restore azure skies, chaos, broken softly, in the dust.”


I chanted for war, now I chant for peace, the dead cannot be awaken. Now I know.


Us, who love the posies shall ask. Tell me, how did you live? Was your hand outstretched in the offer of friendship? Did you beleaguered the world create chaos or did you blessed the world with kind face and gentle words? Did you befriend many? Love many?


I share some wisdom “Please laugh often, love often and dance often. Know the fragrant of the deep sea, dance in the field of the wildflowers and make love last forever, when love is near.”


He thanks the people and he walked away and he drove to Lake St. Clair. He whispered to the falling sun. Give me more good days, I am not done yet.


Dancing Coyote