My California

My California



Azure sky, chaos Pacific ocean, my lover.
The stormy sea,
the murmur of the sea,
whispered to me.
Love may slumber, war are never-ending and we shall remember the sweetest kisses.

In 1991, I found the sea.
The gale of Winter was alive in the early Storms of December.
I took my shoes off and I danced with her.
She whispered to me, “Let’s go of the heaviness and weariness you carry,
follow me seaward like the dancing wind.
Holy Poet, please sing to me.
Please sing songs of the flowers of the sea,
of roses given, of the great evensongs sang by wayward lovers.
make me believe, in the blessed emblazoned by the gypsies souls.
Please make me smile”.

I danced with her for hours and the moon-tide made her become wild and free.
She awoke my sleepless heart and I whispered to the moon, the stars.
Thank you dear California, my California.
Thank you for the honor to be able to see the sea, to be able to dance with the powerful waves and
thank you for showing me.

I am small and the sea is endless.
I know now, we must follow the sea of faith,
find the place where you know the hush of peace,
know a multi-color world and each day is a blessing.



Dancing Coyote