Liberty (a short story)

Amazing verbal poetry and words by a talented writer.


Like a petulant child, Liberty locked herself away in lavatory.

She was tired of being pushed around and didn’t want to fight anymore.

She shouted:

“They all dump on me! I might as well stay here where they really want me to be.”

I could hear her crying softly through the door.

“Yes, Liberty. They all use you. Nothing can trump who you really are. Nothing. Just remember:

You don’t stand for the man holding the briefcase full of only white ideas. You are every color, every creed, every seed of happiness and hard work around here. You’ve toiled in fields and factories and stood on the streets and screamed for equality. You are everything we wish we could be. But sometimes, we are blinded by our own greed. Remind us. Remind us how much we need you.”

She slowly opened the door.

She looked worn. Fractured. A remnant of…

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