The stormy sea


The stormy sea


Life is like a burning candle, we can burn brightly or we can fade away to distance memory.


I told my friend, I am too old to die young. Once endless road become the poet’s illusion. We must live and we must die.


Tonight I love the nightingale song, the gypsy-lore of everlasting love, the bliss of the kiss and the faith, the wine glass and drink is always filled.


I remember tantalized ladies, the stormy sea of emotions. Beautiful words whispered to kind lovers.
“O my love, o my love,
I love your face,
I love your eyes of sea-blue,
I love when the night is silence,
where I can lay in your bosom and
you sang somber songs, sweet song to bewitched my heart.”


I remember pretty ladies, who wore dresses of silk,
I remember the Big Sur sea, I could see forever,
I remember the vast desert, where I could feel the silence and burn the sage,
I learn to love the empty spaces and I know,
roses and lover, they can sleep,
and in the Spring,
the kind rose will reach-out to the sun again,
maybe love can too.

The ancient floors, the eternal night,
the sleepless heart yearned for the fragrant of things missed.
The stormy sea of living teaches us,
love that whither, cannot be awaken.
Dead men, do not rise and we can’t stop death.


Dancing Coyote