Roses and lovers

Roses and lovers

“O my love, O my love.
I said: Let me fall or stand,
let me fall or stand,
let me live or die,
but this once hear me speak-
O my love, O my love.
Yet a woman’s words are weak;
You should speak, not I”. Christina Georgina Rossetti


Pale skin beauty is drinking coffee as the sun is rising from the east. I sat at her feet, caressing them and I was adoring her beautiful face. She looked at the Pacific and she whispered. I love the days of Spring, my roses are blooming bright and red. And you stayed the night with me. My wish came true, I prayed to Eros for you linger with me, not flee from my home when the Bacchus ambrosia wine ran empty.


I kissed her calved and knee. I whispered.


“Roses and lovers,


Roses shall blossom every Spring,
bless us with true beauty.
Lovers may forget,
sleepless heart can fall into a tangle web of forgetfulness.


I know,
I love being in the shade of your smile,
I need to hear your laughter and you are my exquisite love.
You are my Spring wonder, my Summer song.


I love your morning face,
your wild hair,
the sway of your walk.
I love when you call my name in the softest voice,
you stir my heart.
Make me believe love is evermore and divine.”


She smiled and she brought me closer. She whispered.


“We have known the tragic dance,
we have been the teacher of treason and in ten-fold paid the price for treacherous acts.
I found you by the sea in early Spring,
I remember you were alone, burning sage at the noon hour.
I asked you, why were you burning the sage?
You told me,
for so many things,
to forget,
for healing and for nature.
I followed you that day and I remember you took my hand and never released.
You and I.
We loved the dancing sea, the wildflowers and the posie.
I remember you read Charles Swinburne and Donne’s poetry at the Monterey bay.
We drank coffee and we danced with the waves.
When will you stay forever?
I have outstretched my hands to you often and the holy poet,


I looked at her beautiful face and I caressed her long flowing brown hair. I told her.
We dance on ancient floors and I want us to be like the rose. Never-ending.
The ancient floors are like quicksand and I want your friendship forever.
I am afraid if I take everything from you, I become a thief of your love.
I need your friendship, I need your hand in my hand,
for you are my blessing. A mercy in my world of confusion.
I will stay if you promise,
you will be always my flower of the wonderous sea.
We will not forsaken who we are.


She smiled and she whispered.
Shame on you dear poet,
my sleepless heart was awaken by your harden eyes, your deep thoughts.
I opened locked doors for you to enter.
You and I, soulmates in a maddening world.
We will create a evensong for the moon, the sun.
Make Eros smile,
when he see us.
Lovers dancing with the ghost of the Lover’s past.
Create new myth and tale for the emotion of love bounty.

I laid in her lap and I whispered. I am here now,
let’s make this day last forever my sweetest love.