Lilac wine.

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Lilac wine


Pretty pictures are left now and now you are gone. I sit by the lilac trees and I’m smelling the lavender in the air. You were my Spring love, my Summer delight.


You and I. We loved the Summer sun and the sea. I remember you laying by the sea. Your sun-kissed skin tender and brown, tempting smile and your perfect body blessing the sky and the clouds. Rolling curves of beautiful body leading to dangerous wishes and a thousand kisses.


You looked deeply into my eyes and you told me. Pour the Lilac wine dear Johnnie, Summer is ending and I shall leave soon, but dear Johnnie. Our love is like the Lilac tree. I will see you in the Spring. The Fall and the cold Winter will make us yearn for the sea and for more lilac wine.



I drink the lilac wine and I pray for the days of Fall to go quickly and the cold days of Winter to fade to the days of Spring. I need my Spring flower and I yearn for her kind and gentle words.


Let’s dance with the sea and rest by the Lilac trees. You and I. Last lovers of the dancing sea and the gifts of nature. We are free and wild like the dandelions, can’t be locked-in and free to grow. We love the song, we love the deep forest and we love the lilac wine. Today is our day, let’s make it last forever.


John Castellenas/Coyote