Who will ring the bell?

Who will ring the bell?

Who will ring the bell when the last soldier is dead?

The great liars in Washington D.C shrouded lies with fake glory. Making the sheep believe war is needed.

Soldier’s cannot speak no-more in the field of battle, when death is near.
The soldiers remember the faces of their love ones, the smell of their home and they pray. One more day, please lord.

The government create ghosts and demons, brain-washing the common people. Great countries in far-away places are seeking war. People in the USA, Iran, Honduras and the other 193 countries want shelter, food and to have a safe place to live. No war. No-one want their son or daughter to die in combat.

The truth is sad. War is big business. I was part of meetings for war deployment. Soldiers are just numbers. Just numbers for the men of war.

Who will ring the bells for the fallen soldiers.
One alive, strong men and women cannot rise after the deadly battles are done.
The seed of war, to steal land, to make profit and destroy/kill races of people.
Today the world had a immigrant problem. Running from war, violence and hate. Who create this problem???

If we forget peace, who will ring the bell when the last man standing is gone.


If you accept war as norm, war will come to your door-step.
We must send food, water and medicine. Not weapons to countries that are struggling. The kindness and the blessing of mercy can heal the suffering of our world.

Dancing Coyote