A lullaby for dear Luna

A lullaby for dear Luna

Once I chased the moon, once I sang to her, great songs of love.
“Dear Luna,
you are a miracle to behold,
please come and dance with me and be my love.
Come to the sea and we can welcome the rising sun,
we can watch the miracle of a new day being born.
You are my honey wine kisses, my eternal beauty who make me believe,
love is life, life is love.”


On a Summer eve, dear Luna came to me. She wore her tight black dress for me, allowed me to see her flowing brown hair moving carelessly in the gentle wind of the sea, allowed me to gaze upon her pale skin, powerful legs and naked shoulders.


I told her. We have kissed and parted often, my heart of glass had become hapless and your beautiful face haunt my dreams. I remember your softest words.
“Love be sweet, love be damned.
Us butterflies, who love to dance with the wind.
Cannot know locked doors,
we need open spaces and the free sea.
You and I love folly,
we are bewitched by the sea, the mountains and the free desert.
We love the quiet places and we cannot be captured.”


I whispered to her, my Luna, my dandelion wishes, you leave me breathless, you stirred my heart to dance and sing with you deep into the midnight hours. Please stay with me, forever and a day.


On a moonlight beach, across the great sea. Dear Luna, she reached for the moon and she whispered. I love you too dear poet.


Dancing Coyote