Poetry ~ Elixir of Life

A amazing poem by a talented writer.

An Artist’s Path

deep within the forest
the secrets of the healers
remain hidden

magical spores, infused
with the elixir of life,
float upon the woodland air
taking root at the foot of the

the giants stand vigil
protecting and preserving
the healing elixir

in days of old, shaman harvested
and cultivated the magic roots,
healing their people, but
the shaman of yesteryear are gone

and with progress came the great rift
separating the ancients

the ancients claw up through the rift
stretching to heal their wounds
and reconnect with their kind

yet the rift remains
layer upon layer
of hardened sand, rock, and gravel
severing the ancients

deep within the forest, if you listen closely,
you can still hear the cries of their sorrow
howling in the wind

there is no one left to protect the woodland
the elixir of life hangs in the balance

Hello friends,
I'm back! I hope…

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