“My Hemingway wish”

My Hemingway wish


After World War one. Many great writers gathered in the city of light, dear Paris. She was a place where artist, poets and writers painted their wonders, wrote their words. A haven for the men and women who were seeking peace and calm after the war.


Hemingway would sit with Ezra pound, James Joyce and Ford Madox Ford. Discuss the talk of the day and drink the strong drink in the cafes. His love Zelda and Bumby near. Hemingway learn peace, had no wealth, had great friends near and his writing.


“I tried to find Hemingway once. I went to the city of lights often.
Danced with a German beauty by River Seine, drank Irish whiskey till I could no-more.


I drank to the ghost of Hemingway, I drank to the city of lights, dear Paris.
I told the moon, I told the stars, allow me to dance the Gypsy dance with a pretty lady by the sound of the city nightly songs, allow me to be free and wild, allow me to know life is just dance, song and laughter. We are free when the walls, don’t own-us.”


One day at the Purgatory Inn, me, Hemingway, Ezra Pound, J.D Salinger, Kosinski and James Joyce will sit at a table. Discuss life, ladies and drink the Irish Whiskey.


I will listen to the great men songs.


“My Hemingway wish,
live and live some more.
Travel, test life,
don’t try to own everything,
owning everything will weigh you down.
Leave you in a man-made prison,
I want to dance nude by the River Seine with a beautiful lady,
create tales of foolishness and happiness.”


Now I have grandchildren. I show them the lakes, the seas and the rivers. I allow them to know freedom. I tell them. Little one’s, live, test life and be fearless. The world is our to own. We set our limits and you can accomplish your dreams.


Dancing Coyote