My masterpiece


My masterpiece


Once blushing beauty stole my heart. She create a rage of need I never knew. She found me sitting alone by the Boeblingen lake and her river blue eyes stole everything I knew and I wanted.


My hazy memory remember now. I remember us, I remember her. I painted her skin with lotion and kiss. She was my song, my holy and sweet nights we were blessed with. In the coldness of Germany Winter, we painted memories where loved lived and great dreams were wild and free. She was my masterpiece in my world of chaos.


I learn the greatest sin is knowing perfect days and wonderful nights. The paradise of the dancing candles, sweet red wine and never-ending nights made me believe. Love was everything, everything was love.


She was 18 year old and I was 20. Cursed of youth, we want everything and we want more. Love graves left us departing to different worlds. She became my beloved Beatrice, my song of things, left behind, never to be found again. I learn Dante’s pain and misery.


My ancient love


Once we painted us,
we had Leonard Cohen and Elvis songs.
Once we locked the door and kept the world at bay.
We play truth and dare,
we loved long walks,
we loved the interlocking of hands and body,
you were my masterpiece and I.
Just the fortunate one.

Old age had taught me. We must bleed to know love. Open wounds that cannot be healed, they do heal one day. Today I would tell her. Thank you my blushing beauty, thank you for teaching me love can be the sweetest days.
Dancing Coyote