“Forget me not”

Forget me not
I dreamed of you, I dreams of us.
I picked-up the phone.
I was dreaming of your face, your voice, the softness of your hands.
I dreamed of your long legs and I dreams of your lips upon my lips.


I don’t dial the phone and I whispered to the darkness.
Dear Ambrosia.
Why did you allow me to dance the dangerous tango with you?
Why my Ambrosia did you promise me love and you awoke my need to love and dance again?


I remember you whispered to me on the dance floor,
be careful what you wish for. Great wishes make us wish for a miracle.
Dear Poet, no miracles in this life.
Just us wishy washy people who daydream love is sweet and forever.
We are more Tomfollery than honest when the song is good and the skin demand attention.


I remember you, I remember us.
We went to the private motel room.
You removed your clothing slowly, allowing my eyes to be blessed by hidden skin and your perfect curvy body.
You come to me you whispered,
am I running toward you or away dear Johnnie?


I put the phone away and I whispered to the lonely night.
Forget me not dear Ambrosia.
We played lovers and we played liars.
Two strangers seeking perfection and perfect love in a world where love is lost.
I do remember you.


John Castellenas/Coyote