We are born to live

We are born to die and we are born to live


Dear father drank his one pint of rum with some coke nightly and he sat alone with his thoughts. I learn later. My father was fighting battles. He was fighting battles to keep his sanity with the hope. The rum could  kill the memories.


I learn later in my life. He was just a man who had to struggle with the old wars. He held his medals from the Korea war above the fireplace. I believe more of a reminder. He was sane before war taught him how to kill and hate.


I joined the Army in 1976. I learn many men drank the memories away and I remember my good friend. A old timer and Korean war/Vietnam vet told me often. I knew love and I knew terror, I was young and hopeful like you once. Today I see blood on my hands and Johnnie. Love tried to save me. We are born to die and we are born to live. Live Johnnie, war don’t teach you shit.


I buried my good friend and my father. They dry-gutted their livers and kidney. I learn, there isn’t never enough booze to erase the memory of the bloody wars.


Today I stand alone and I pray. I pray for no-war, I pray for no need for soldiers to fight and die, I pray the children in our world are safe and sound everywhere. I look into the mirror and I told myself often.


We are made by love,
we are made by life.
We are men of clay.
Just being molded by kiss, lesson and tell.
We are born to die,
we are born to live.
Please teach the children peace and calm,
not war and hate.
Jesus said love your enemy.
The sad wish of men.
Kill your enemy.
John Castellenas/Coyote