“Peace will come”

Peace will come


My child, don’t you cry. War is near and life is so hard.
Tomorrow may come and a new day where the sun shall shine upon a world where
men seek healing over death. Kindness over hate, concern over greed.
My children, your Father’s world is blood red with hate and separation.
I pray to the sea, the great lakes and the land.
Please teach this world.
Every child is part of this world,
every life had value.
Gun and bombs are not tools of peace.


My child, please forgive me. Like my father, I allowed the world to become bloody with hate.  A worthless life is allowing this world to fall to chaos. Today I sing to you.


Sweet peace, kind peace.
Where are you?
If we don’t seek peaceful solution and we leave the child with nothing.
What have we done my friend?
John Castellenas/Coyote