Some Sunday’s thoughts

I went to Africa, Asia and Europe on United Nations missions for President Clinton. We took medical and dental teams to places in need. The medical teams tried to heal the sick, gave the polio shot and the worm pill to the people in the villages. I would rise-up early and stay-up late purifying the water and cooking easy food to digest. Most of the people in need, lacked food and shelter.  Our mercy and kindness create friendship and people saw the United State with different eyes. We had a impossible task and the medical team did all they could. I learn, don’t send soldiers to places in need. Send water, food and medical teams. The blessing of kindness can save our world. We need more kindness and mercy my friend.



I do hate politicians. All of them. They are cut-throats and they waste time in Washington D.C.  It is a giant soap opera. Please stop the foolish arguments and please do some good. The House of Representative wasted two weeks on apologizing for stupid comments. Now we have to listen to a comedy of fools.  Time for the men and women in Congress to fix the economy, create real jobs and fix health care. My Grandfather had a great saying. “What you did yesterday, don’t matter. What are you doing today? Does matter. The border problem must be fixed. USA is broke. 40 million people go to bed hungry in the USA nightly. 50 million people on some form of welfare. We can’t save the world. Another wise saying. Fix your house before trying to fix someone else.  Maybe immigration can be fixed if we assist the countries that are struggling. I pray daily, please leaders in Washington D.C. , work on the real problems. Create new jobs, education, hunger and United State debt. Please stop the soap opera. You can’t save the world if your world is falling apart.


Dancing Coyote