The sway of the sea

The sway of the sea


I watched her paint her face, she covered her majesty face with colors of brown and black.


I told her, you don’t need the make-up. Your beautiful face, make cloudless night bright and beautiful. Your hazel eyes awake my soul to the beauty of my world. You are my sea-flower and my exquisite love.


You stir my heart to dance with joy and I need to feel the mercy of your kiss, for us to know the sway of the sea. Be barefoot, nude and free for the Pacific. You are my sea-maiden, my sweetest song and my sweetest wish.


She turned to me and she whispered. Come to me dear poet. You awoke my heart deep slumber, made my sleepless heart believe love wasn’t troublous and treason. Once I didn’t know if I should weep or laugh. No I know quiet skies, aching lust and I dwell in the utmost blessing where love is sweet and kind.


I rested my head in her lap, feeling the softness of her silk dress. Loving the smell of her skin of wildflowers and the Michigan Spring. I whispered to her.


“My blessing


Dear sea-maiden,

you are the sway of the sea,

you are my evensong and my enchanting beauty.


Let’s find the sea,

drink the ambrosia wine

and dwell in the quiet of the moon and the stars,

where love is safe”


She brought me closer and she whispered.

Thank you.


Dancing Coyote